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Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 3 - Donegal Town

Donegal, with it's windswept hills where only sheep can thrive, is renowned for it's wool production.  After our day at Lough Derg, we drove to Donegal and had dinner in the Mill Park Hotel before heading into town to listen to some authenic Irish music and of course, drink more Guinness. 

Musicians at the little pub in Donegal Town. 

The young girl in the middle sang a ballad acappella and it was just breathtaking.  These musicians seemed like they were the main group at the pub, but different musicians came in through the night, played a few songs and then left for a different musician to join the group.  They would then go to another pub to play with a different group.  It was fabulous and if anything, this is what I would go back to Ireland for, to listen to more of these musicians play their traditional music. 

Killybegs Harbor

During our visit we stopped at the little town of Killybegs (love that name, don't you?) and then on to Teelin to view the Slieve League sea cliffs - just breathtaking.  The highest point reaches 1,972 feet, making them the highest in Europe.  The cliffs drop straight down to the wild Atlantic waves below and we saw such gorgeous views from our vantage point, which wasn't even the top! (More about that later.) 

We continued driving through the Glengesh Pass to the town of Ardara and visited a little woolen shop called Triona Design. 

 This is a family run whop where we saw some demonstrations of weaving their famous Donegal tweeds  - and they also served us Irish coffee (maybe so we'd get a little tipsy and buy more woolens, who knows, but I just couldn't drink an Irish coffee in the middle of the day and stay awake). 

I purchased a couple of beautiful woolen scarves at this store and I'm saving them for Christmas gifts. 

The star of our visit to Donegal however were the cliffs at Slieve League that I mentioned earlier in my post.
All I can do is show you - it's just so spectacular!

See that little beach tucked into the corner?

Here's a better picture of the beach at the bottom of the cliffs.  There are sheep that graze all over these hills - they don't need any water provided to them as the water that they get from eating the grasses is enough. 

This group seemed to be penned up for the day, but all the other sheep we saw were free to roam the cliffs freely.

More Slieve League...

Donegal County Photos

Sheep on the road!  Can you see the blue marks on their sides?  These are placed to help the farmers identify them. 

Thanks for joining me on Day 3 of my trip to Ireland. 
Day 4 will include visits to Connemara and Westport as we head towards Galway City.

Ciao, bella!


  1. Now that's something you just don't see in Philly often! Looks like you had a beautiful trip:@)

  2. Looks like a dream vacation to me! The countryside is beautiful. Sheep in the road sounds so European. I'm not sure if that ever happens on this side of the pond. Not where I live, anyway.

  3. such dramatic scenery, says she who is afraid of heights...

  4. Fabulous! You make me wish to see Ireland for real!


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