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The Kitchen Window
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Welcome to the Frog Hollow Farm blog! I've been blogging since January 2010 and have switched from Blogger to Word Press, but I'm back to Blogger because, for me, it's easier to use. My husband and I live on a little farm in Northwest New Jersey. We have some chickens and a very large vegetable garden with asparagus and raspberries, and rows and rows of sunflowers, snapdragons and zinnias. Traveling, entertaining, gardening, spending time with family, studying Italian, blogging and reading keep us busy and happy. With all of this going on, moving towards a simpler life seems almost impossible but it's definitely a daily goal.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back Home

Hi everyone, we're back from Mexico and the snow here on the ground is as blinding as the sunshine in Cancun! Of course we had a great time, as we always do when we travel with our wonderful group of friends - everyone can do their own thing and there's no pressure from anyone.
We stayed at the Sun Palace resort owned by Palace Resorts. It's an adult only all-inclusive. I'm not always a fan of all-inclusives but this was truly a wonderful experience. From our hotel the Nichupte Lagoon was visible on the west side, and the beautiful Caribbean on the east. The water was absolutely beautiful - I don't remember seeing the ribboned strands of different aquas in other visits to the Caribbean, but this time the colors were exquisite, they went fromj a light sea green to a creamy aqua, to a clear blue aqua to a deeper blue green and finally to beautiful blue seas, I couldn't take my eyes off of it! This time my packing was almost perfect, but I actually underpacked - I could have used one more outfit. My husband commented on how much he liked one ensemble in particular, so of course I wore it a second time. My favorite tops ended up being the Tommy Bahama tops, one shorter sleeveless aqua with an empire waist and a brown/white patterned long sleeve longer tunic. I wore them with either tapered white capris or my Eileen Fisher white linen capris, which go everywhere with me because they are easy to wear and can be dressed up or down. When staying at one of the Palace Resorts, you have the option of visiting the other two Palace Resorts in Cancun (I think you have to be a time share owner, which three of our friends are.) We moved between our hotel, the Cancun Palace and Beach Palace. Our hotel had an Asian restaurant which was set up outside on an absolutely beautiful terrace with lighting that set things off magically. That was the restaurant that everyone enjoyed the most, and we actually just told the waiter to bring one of every appetizer and one of every entree, which were placed down the center of the table - everyone was able try every one of the dishes. The other restaurants in our hotel were steak/seafood, Mexican and Italian. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables were always available, but the creamy, delicious guacamole took the prize for the favorite food of the week. It was served with freshly made corn tortilla chips and a delicious spicy tomato salsa. I can't imagine how many avocadoes the resort goes through each day! Well, today it's back to drinking lots of water with lemon and cucumbers and no guacamole, with my daily yoga sessions and of course, reality!!! Ciao!


  1. Hi and welcome back home to cold but oh so lovely New Jersey. Your trip sounds wonderful. I love Mexico and guacamole is one of my favorite foods to eat. It is so good for you, but I guess there are a lot of calories..darn it!! Oh Well. I hope we get away for a week or so in March when the boys are on Spring Break, I do need a break from the cold. Your outfits sound lovely and perfect for travel.
    have a great evening

  2. Welcome back. Your vacation sounds wonderful, especially the eating part!


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