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Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Irish Blessing

This is not the Irish Blessing you might be thinking of, although I should include one of those as well.  This Irish Blessing is my original St. Patrick's Day cocktail developed while sitting at the bar at Mattar's in Allamuchy Township here in New Jersey. 
The cocktail is a combination of three drinks; a Mint Julep, an Old Fashioned, and a Manhattan.  The ingredients were developed by my husband and me, and the name came from a friend we met for the first time that night at Mattar's.  I wanted to include the colors of the Irish Flag, so I included the green mint and orange slice, and counted the ice as the white color.  Of course you need to use an Irish whiskey on March 17th, but we usually make it with Maker's Mark.  Okay, here goes:

2 ounces bourbon or Irish whiskey
2 tablespoons of mint infused simple syrup (I make my own - just throw a couple of mint leaves into the simple syrup while it cools)
4 dashes of bitters
3 cherries
1 orange slice
1 mint sprig
lots of ice - I think it tastes better as it gets a little watered down

Over ice, mix everything together in a glass - I used one of my Waterford crystal tumblers that was a gift from my mom.  Serve immediately.  Let me know what you think. 

And, here's a real Irish Blessing for all of you.

May God grant you always...

A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel, so nothing can harm you.


  1. Hi Ann Marie, your weekend sounds nice, the Botanical Gardens are wonderful. I haven't been to Arthur Ave in awhile now, I need to get back there. The cocktail sounds nice, but probably too strong for me. I can drink wine, champagne and an occasional cocktail, but strong drinks knock me out....its actually rather amusing to those watching. I love Martini's but the same thing happens, I have one drink and I'm spinning. I usually make Irish coffee on St. P. Day, even though I am almost 100% Italian we always celebrate St. Patrick's Day!!
    I will pass this recipe on to some of my friends who love whiskey, they will definitely enjoy it. It is a very pretty drink.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Hi, its me again! I forgot to ask you if Mattars is still open?? I haven't been there in years. I'm having a party Sat. night, I'll tell my friends about your cocktail recipe and if they want I can make them one. I usually have simple syrup in the fridge.
    Have a nice evening

  3. That sounds good! Pretty photography, too. Looks like it came from a magazine!

  4. Nothing like a good Irish Cocktail! This looks really good and perfect not only for St. Pat's but for the rest of the year as well.

  5. A sweet greeting to both Beth and Martha, and thank you for your comments!

    Beth, I think this photo came out pretty good myself. I took it on my kitchen counter with some Irish pottery that my mom gave me.

    Martha, I agree! It's a year round top-o-the-mornin' kind of cocktail!

  6. This is a beautiful drink and sounds perfect, Thanks so much for the recipe!

  7. Your St. Paddy's day cocktail is perfect in the beautiful Waterford glass.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day and Foodie Friday.

  8. Yummy Bourbon, Love Wild Turkey. Just like one of the good ol' boys! Thanks for sharing the recipe and adore the new bedroom as I'm sure you do too. Following you now. See you soon.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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